Midnight POS

This is a test task, that initiated collaboration with a world top-3 design agency.

Key points


The concept gained approval from Excited! agency


UX deliverables included Jobs to be Done, User Flows, Competitor Research, and Information Architecture


Designs underwent validation through two user tests


Designs were delivered as a prototype flows and presented to the agecy in a live meeting.

Advanced Check In

Advanced Check In

Advanced Check In

Check Out

Check Out

Check Out

Quick Check In

User-centered approach

To set the groundwork, I conducted research on the users by creating the Jobs to be Done deliverable. Competitor research provided insights into internal processes and facilitated the creation of user flows.

Check-in user flow

User Tests

Understanding if the design works best involves directly engaging users. I identified two users with front desk experience in hotels for testing.

User tests analysis

Design System

This involved establishing components, grids, color styles, and fonts. Each color and text was assigned a specific style. Components reused more than twice were turned into reusable components.

UI Kit